A professional wholesaler in Canada

Canada external Group Ltd is a professional wholesaler in Canada, engaged in gasoline and petroleum equipment (pumps, valves, measuring instruments), automobile maintenance equipment, gas station equipment, service station equipment and supplies;
We have more you need.
In order to meet your needs, we are pleased to provide the following products:
Automobile maintenance equipment (repair tools, mobile tool cabinets, etc. in fixman Atlas)
Service station equipment (household tools in fixman atlas, tool cabinet combination, etc.)
Service station supplies (grinding wheel, cutting blade, abrasive, tape, etc.)
The following two categories will be built first, and the products will be built later
Gasoline and petroleum equipment (valves, pumps, instruments, etc.)
Gas station equipment and supplies (fueling, dispensers and accessories for these machines)
Cargo distribution service center:
1. Free delivery
Free delivery of 1000 yuan for one order within 0-100km
Free delivery of 5000 yuan for one order within 100-300km
Free delivery of 10000 yuan for one order within 300-500km
Free delivery of 15000 yuan for one order within 500-800km
Free delivery of 20000 yuan for one order within 800-1300km
2. Express mail
If you bear the freight and other expenses, we will be happy to send you a product by express mail!
Product quality service:
1. If it is a product quality problem, we accept the unconditional exchange within three days from the date of product sale (except for the products with completely sealed packaging)
2. The condition for normal commodity exchange is that within three days from the date of sale, any package and mark of the undamaged commodity can be exchanged
3. Consumables (such as grinding wheel, cutting blade, abrasive, tape, etc.) are not allowed to be exchanged or returned
4. Reject any kind of malicious exchange
Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:30 am-3:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: rest (you can leave a message by email, we will deal with your needs in the first time of work)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
+ 1-306-581-7999
+1-306-807-3888 (Chinese)
+1-639-999-9999 (Chinese)

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